The meeting agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Loddon Fisheries & Conservation Consultative is now available for download at the link below. The meeting is scheduled for the 28th September 2023.

With the uptake by some clubs within the Loddon catchment, of the Angling Trusts Water Quality Monitoring Network, the LFCC will be providing a tank of water taken from the River Blackwater at Swallowfield. Anyone with a WQMN kit is welcome to bring them along and test the sample which would provide accuracy comparisons across individual kits and a chance to discuss methods etc undertaken by those doing the testing. We have also been offered a chance to have some of the same water tested at a laboratory with more specialized equipment by someone within the water industry. So this could be a chance to see if the data we are recording for the AT is accurate.

There may be a possibility that some one within your club is testing for the WQMN but does not attend any LFCC meetings, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, could you pass a message on about this.

The link to the agenda can be found here: