Pennywort Post - Autumn 2021

The latest edition of the Pennywort Post written bu LFCC Chairman Martin Moore. Please follow the link below


Riverbanks and watercourses to be planted with new woodland

New project to plant extensive woodlands along England’s riverbanks launched to improve water quality, manage flood risk and boost


National Crucian Conservation Project (NCCP)


The latest Angling Trust blog from Martin Salter with regards to the NCCP and the book by Chris Turnbull - The Crucian Renaissance. Please follow the


Pennywort Post - Summer 2021 Update

Please use the link below to download the latest edittion of the Pennywort Post compiled by Chairman Martin Moore for the LFCC.

 Pennywort Post - Summer 2021

Sewage Dumpng in Rivers Investigated

An hour long documentory investigating the illegal dumping of raw sewage to rivers by George Monbiot. Starts at 7pm Follow the link below for more details