Managing River Flows For Salmonids


The Atlantic Salmon Trust has just released a report which will be of interest to some LFCC members, especially those with trout fisheries on rivers.  The report can be rather hard going in places but it does provide some hard, scientific evidence of the need to maintain flows in salmonid rivers.  The AST press release is below:

Flows Report Now Online

The AST has now published on its website - - the report of the Workshop it organised in March 2010 to draft advisory guidelines for setting flow standards and managing river flows from the perspective of salmonids, based on a review of available evidence. This followed a major symposium on managing river flows for salmonids held in York in January 2010.

The report outlines the science behind the river flow requirements of salmonids at different life stages, the impacts of artificial flows and approaches to setting standards in the British Isles. It also explores the implications of climate change, approaches to monitoring and the potential offered by adaptive management for furthering scientific investigation of this topic.

The report contains nineteen specific recommendations, but the key priorities are summarised in the three overall recommendations:

  1. Review the evidence
  2. Improve the mechanisms for coordination and funding fish-ecosystem-flow-related sciences.
  3. Promote adaptive management as a vehicle for collaboration

The AST is now working with those organisations that participated in the symposium and workshop to take forward the report's recommendations.