Crimestoppers Fights Fish Crime

CEFAS Fish Health Inspectorate has teamed up with Crimestoppers ( ) to fight fish crime.  This was a hot topic at the recent LFCC FCAP workshops.  The initiative has the backing of the Angling Trust, English Carp Heritage Organisation and the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association and covers all aspects of fish crime, including illegal elver fishing, fish theft and poaching and illegal fish imports and transfers.

You can see more on the Crimestoppers’ page on environmental crimes ( ). 

All information to Crimestoppers is confidential and you do not have to leave any contact details for them to take action.  You can report fish crime either through calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or you can complete a form on the Crimestoppers website ( .  Note that this form is confidential and secure so none of your details will be revealed if you want to stay anonymous.

You can find more information on UK regulations about the import of live fish on the CEFAS Fish Health Inspectorate website (