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The River Restoration Centre article featured an illustration of an impressive pile of timber in a river, but I could not find anything obvious about timber on the RRC website.  The contents pages of the river restoration handbook did not provide much in the way of clues, but if you contact RRC they may point you in the right direction:


The other lead was through a conference on woody debris is rivers held in Corvallis, Oregon on Oct 2000, which leads to some useful info, although it is mainly about salmonids:


This seems more fishy-oriented, again mainly about salmonids.  It provides a list of references which might be useful:


There has not been much from the UK though, but this is a start.


but also check out the Publications link as there may be other areas of interest

You can find the booklet to which they refer in the downloads section of the LFCC website under "Other Publications - General"


There is a lot of other useful information on this website so take a look around.

Seems the worldwide consensus is that LWD is good for everything and may not interfere with flow as much as previously thought.  Hence, the flood risk may be lower than imagined.