The Home Page

The Home Page

This is the first page that you see on finding the website. It contains various items, such as the top menu, login module, calender and forthcoming events. Each of these items are explained below.

The Top Menu:

  1. Home - This will always return the user the to sites home page.
  2. About Us - Gives an explanation of the formation and function of the Loddon Fisheries & Conservation Consultative.
  3. Membership - All about membership.
  4. Environmental Issues -  Various content and articles across different catagories.
  5. Forum - The site forum. A place to ask questions and find answers.
  6. Downloads - Contains a variety of information in PDF format that can be downloaded for printing.
  7. Info Links - Displays a list of articles with links to other articles or information that may be of interest.
  8. Gallery - Pictures in various catagories from Rivers, Fish, Wildlife, Flooding & Conservation etc.
  9. Weblinks - Links to many sites of LFCC members and organisations.
  10. Contact Us - Provides a list of the main contacts for the LFCC.
  11. Archives - Old content not displayed on the site.
  12. Sitemap - A list of everything on this site.

Who's Online: This modules displays the number of guests, registered members and crawler robots that are currently visiting the site.

Login Form: This is where the registered members of the site can sign in to access the restricted areas of the site and to use the forum.

Events Calender: The calender shows the days of the current month along with the last few days of the previous and future month. Any day highlighted in red indicates that on or more events are scheduled. Clicking on this day will take you to the scheduled events.

Forthcoming Events: Any future event will be displayed here, for 10 days prior to its arrival. Clicking the scheduled event will give the user a more detailed account of that event.

Noticeboard: Any updates or notices will be displayed here.

Quick Weblinks - Click the pictures to be taken to the relavent website.

Visitors: Shows the visitors fot the current day, week, month and total.