Cove Brook Fish Kill

Cove Brook Pollution Incident Results In Fish Kill

Cove Brook on Thursday 1st June.

Following pollution officers attendance at the incident which reported by a member of the general public, an Environment Agency Fisheries Officer was assigned to assess the impact on the fish population.

It appeared that the fish seen had been dead for at least 24 hrs if not longer due to the condition of the carcasses and sediment covering them.

A dead fish count was carried between SU8545954758 and SU8551655355 which is 632m in length and resulted in 70 dead fish comprising of chub, roach, dace, perch and stone loach.

There were no visible dead fish downstream of the outlet stream from Hawley lake which Is hoped help dilute the pollutant and prevented further fish from dying down stream.

From the fish count and length of river where fish were seen dead, it was expected a minimum of 224 fish were killed however, this number is expected to be a lot higher due to carcasses being eaten or washed downstream between the period of fish dying and fish count.

Pollution officers have taken water quality readings and a dead fish sample for further investigation and Information updated when it becomes available. Biologists will also be checking on an impact on the invertebrates.

On a positive note, live chub and two live pike amongst the dead fish so all may not be lost. There are also several small streams which join the Cove brook which Is expected to trickle feed the Cove Brook with fish along with no barriers to prevent fish movement back upstream.