UK Brazil learning – working with nature for people in river catchments

These events are inspired by work in the Loddon catchment. Thank you! Also for your help making the 29 April happen...

We are delighted to welcome you to a programme of practical days, discussions and talks on working with nature to restore river catchments. These events will show how restorations can be delivered cost effectively, with partners and communities and deliver multiple benefits for people, flooding and wildlife. Please find details of these events attached - space is limited so please book early.

·         Dates: Tuesday 21 April to Friday 1 May 2015

·         Time and costs: times vary by locations, please contact the named event lead. All events are free unless otherwise indicated in the attachment

·         Locations: five UK river basin districts (nine catchments) from Penrith to London – including the Loddon on 29 April at Bassetts Mead, River Whitewater, a visit to Arborfield at 16:000, then evening talk on the Thames international river prize by Alastair Driver Biodiversity Manager Environment Agency at the University of Reading

Some events have been developed with international partner Aplysia in Brazil to share experience on cost effective river and catchment restoration and reflect on first cycle river basin plans and future delivery.  Similar events will be taking place in future in UK and Brazil building on this learning.

The various literature is listed below for download

Event Flyer

Event Listings

Event Invitation