wfd guide

A guide to finding information on the Water Framework Directive data for the waters in your area.

If you need information about the WFD status of rivers and stillwaters, follow these steps.  It is important that you look at the WFD information and the Thames River Basin Management Plan.  You can find all of these on the EA website at:

The Thames RBMP is available when you click on the “Thames” button on that page which takes you to here .  There is a huge amount of text and you do not need to read it all.  The essential reading is in the Supporting Annex C  (Actions to deliver objectives) which can be found on the right hand side.  You do not need to read all pages; just look for the fisheries Actions.  Some of the Actions affect the whole Thames catchment, some only affect specific areas so not all of these will apply to the Loddon.  The FWD and the RBMP should open up funding streams in the future and so it will be useful to see if any of the Actions identified affect the Loddon, whether as a catchment-wide issue or whether a a more local issue.

The go to the bottom of the page and click on “What’s in your backyard?” which takes you to You then have several options to explore.  If you click on “River Basin Management Plans –Rivers” you get taken to an interactive map at To use this map, you can click on (e.g.) Thames and that will zoom in on the Thames region.  If you click on a point on the map, it will enlarge and you can keep doing that until you find the area you want.  You can also move the map by using a left-click and dragging the map.  Once you find the detail you want (e.g. Loddon at Arborfield) and place the cursor over it, you should see the option to click for more information.  You can also enlarge an area of the map by using a mouse wheel if you have one.   If you click on “Rivers” (the swan”, you will be taken to a similar map where you can find detail by zooming in and using the cursor to see of there is further information to be found.

If you do this for the waters controlled by your club you will get a good idea of how the waters are rated and should bring up any problems which affect them.  You may even disagree with the official rating.  You will also see that some waters are unrated at the moment but they will have to have a rating in the near future to meet the commitments under the WFD.