Essex Water Vole Recovery and Mink Project

Newsletter 7 - December 2016

In the nine years since the Essex Water Vole Recovery Project was established, it has brought the species back from the brink of extinction. The coastal populations are currently stable, with mink control concentrated on preventing mink encroachment into these areas. Water voles have also returned to old haunts along brooks and streams across north Essex and two major water vole reintroduction's have taken place on the River Colne and River Stort (read more on page 3) where water voles had been extinct for a decade or more. However on other rivers such as the Chelmer, Blackwater and Roding, to see a water vole is extremely rare and unfortunately mink are breeding freely. So in 2017, on the tenth anniversary of the Essex Water Vole Recovery Project, we need to refresh the existing network and expand into these final catchments where we still have problems.

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