LFCC Meeting 13th October 2016

Hot off the press!!!


We have a great addition to Thursday 13 October LFCC meeting. Professor Angela Gurnell from Queen Mary University London is introducing the item on working with wood in the River Blackwater. Angela is spending a successful career looking at how rivers work and management approaches. In 2003, this led to recognition as a ‘Pioneer in the life of the Nation’ by Queen Elizabeth II for contributions to river system management. For details see: http://www.geog.qmul.ac.uk/staff/gurnella.html. Many have been inspired and learnt lots from Angela’s work. 

The discussion on working with wood in the Blackwater includes 5 years of MSc projects kicked off by your concerns and opportunities raised and we want to feed this back to you. And hear what you think and need us to look at next… We’ll make sure this info available at http://www.lfcc.org.uk/ for all to see.