South East Rivers Trust - 'Your Fisheries' Questionaire

‘Your Fisheries’ Consultation Questionnaire – River Loddon

What is ‘Your Fisheries’?

‘Your Fisheries’ is an initiative developed by The Rivers Trust, the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust. It is a web-based application that brings together evidence and knowledge from a range of different sources to help produce fisheries action plans. These plans are intended to represent a multi-partner perspective on the current status of fish populations and fishing opportunity in the catchment, the key factors affecting them and the actions required to maintain and/or deliver improvements.

It is envisaged the initiative will be implemented in every catchment in due course. Prior to this National coverage, ‘Your Fisheries’ is currently in a pilot phase, with half a dozen pilots being run in catchments throughout the country. The Loddon catchment has been chosen as a pilot catchment, therefore ‘Your Fisheries’ will be trialled in the Loddon to aid learning of how the process could work and refinement of the web-based application.

What’s the Process?

This initial questionnaire forms the first step in the process, please contribute by 16th June 2017. Responses to the questionnaire and an initial gathering of information (fisheries survey data, known issues from Environment Agency investigations etc.) will then be used to build a basic plan in the web-based application, this will then be consulted on again through the Loddon Fisheries and Conservation Consultative (LFCC) and refined.

Who is Running the Pilot in the Loddon?

The South East Rivers Trust ( are looking to produce a plan for the River Loddon catchment and to help us put together this plan we are looking to collect information and gain your views by completing the questionnaire below on the following topics in the River Loddon Catchment.

  1. The current status of fish populations
  2. Key factors affecting fish populations
  3. Specific issues with the potential to impact fish population
  4. Actions to maintain or improve fish populations
  5. Monitoring
  6. Fishing Opportunity and fishing access

Please note all views and information gathered will be treated with confidentiality. For further details please contact Chris Gardner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The full questionnaire in MSWord format can be downloaded from HERE