Happy 10th Birthday LFCC

The LFCC's 10th Birthday Year

Happy 10th Anniversary – it is the Loddon Fisheries and Conservation Consultative’s 10th birthday year. A time to reflect, celebrate and look to the future. It would be interesting to hear from you what’s worked well, would you change and future outcomes or successes. Please feed back by 5 March and we’ll play this back to you next meeting to improve.

We wanted to thank you all for making this a sustainable and effective catchment partnership since 2007. We think you have attended over 1,000 events in your free time and this is worth probably over £100,000 alone… We think this is nothing compared to the value of benefits through engagement and projects delivered. We have also met lifelong friends so thank you for this too. We’re hoping the next 10 years grows interest and better fisheries, wildlife and results in an enhanced place to live. This does mean championing a spirit of partnership and improving the environment. Which does give economic benefits too.

A BIG thank you to all of those who have put their free time into arranging the meetings, given presentations and the attendees who gave their input. Your support is vital and we look forward to working with you all in future years.