Lower Loddon Tree Works

LFCC Statement - Lower Loddon Tree Works

The Loddon Fisheries and Conservation Consultative (LFCC) have been made aware of some works that have taken place on waters managed by Twyford and District Fishing Club, a founder member of the LFCC. The LFCC are extremely disappointed that some bankside trees and in stream debris has been removed apparently in a misguided attempt to provide some flood relief in a stretch of The River Loddon immediately upstream of its confluence with St Patrick’s Stream. The Club also reports that a disused fishing platform was also removed without consultation. We would make the following observations about this work.

  • These works have achieved nothing in terms of flood relief
  • Some of the trimmed material has been left on the banks with the possibility that this material could in turn create a flood risk downstream of this site
  • The work was apparently not carried out with the proper approval of the Environment Agency, nor to its required standards
  • The work is contrary to the current views on the use of bankside trees and in stream woody debris in slowing flood events, a management technique that the LFCC is actively supporting
  • There has been considerable negative impact to the fishery on this stretch, in terms of affecting potential fish holding areas and focal points for angling
  • There was apparently little or no consultation with the fishing club nor landowners prior to the work
  • There was apparently no impact assessment prior to the work
  • There may have been damage to riverside bat roosts

There have been reports that this work has been conducted under the auspices of the Loddon Basin Flood Action Group, a local group committed to working on a catchment based approach to flooding issues, incorporating a solid environmental foundation. The LFCC has been keen to support the formation of this body and are unaware that any of this work was supported, agreed or funded by the group.

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