Environment Agency Consultation

River Severn Drought Order Environmental Report

We are consulting on the Environmental Report for a River Severn Drought Order. This consultation is not for a drought order application, and unless conditions change significantly we do not expect to apply for one during 2013.

An Environmental Report considers the positive and negative impacts a Drought Order could have in the Severn catchment. It is written to support any future drought order applications. When these occur we will issue the full report alongside the application and engage in further consultation.

The Severn catchment covers sites in both England and Wales. We have developed this report and the corresponding consultation documents with Natural Resources Wales to ensure it reflects the needs of both organisations and the communities we serve. The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales are two distinct organisations but we are committed to working together where there is a real environmental benefit or need.

The purpose of this consultation is to share and gather feedback on the Environmental Report and its supporting documents. To help us make sure that the needs of those who rely on the River Severn are considered, and to prepare us for the challenges the future may bring, we want to hear your views.

Please respond to this consultation by 18 August 2013.

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