Loddon Rivers Week 2013

Loddon Rivers Week 2013 - Invitation & Agenda

Following the success of Loddon Rivers Week 2012, the LFCC and the Environment Agency have finalised preparations for a repeat of the rivers week in 2013. Last year saw enhancement works take place on the River Whitewater at Potbridge, The River Blackwater at Hawley Meadows and the River Loddon at Arborfield. This year the teams will return to the River Whitewater at Potbridge to create some pool and riffle sequences and to a new site at Coleford Bridge on the River Blackwater.

The Invitation for Rivers Week can be found here. along with the Agenda for Rivers Week here.

All of those who are interested in attending any of these workshop should contact one of the organisers listed upon the invitation. We very much hope for a good attendance this year and to increase on the 70 or so individuals who volunteered last year.